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DUBAI FUTURE RESEARCHResearch that drives insight

Dubai Future Research is DFF’s research arm. It produces insights that enable stakeholders to foresee and better navigate the future. Dubai Future Research offers a firm foundation of evidence-based analysis, and quantitative and qualitative reporting, to guide policy-making and develop key initiatives.

Our Focus

Dubai Future Research activities are clustered into key areas of focus, bringing global expertise to bear on specific challenge areas. Dubai Future Research focuses on providing tailored and localised knowledge to Dubai’s government, to influence the development and implementation of policy. The research arm aids in proposing short- and long-term recommendations to its stakeholders based on local, regional, and global trends.

The Future of
Hydrogen in the UAE

Our planet’s climate is changing at an alarming rate, in large part due to anthropogenic or human-induced emissions. To scale back these emissions, countries around the world are adopting clean, renewable energy sources, which are becoming more cost-effective than their polluting counterparts in many places. With use limitations facing existing renewables, the world strives to achieve net-zero emissions; Hydrogen will complement other low or zero-carbon energy sources and become a key component of our planet’s clean energy mix, particularly by decarbonising hard-to-abate industries such as steel, cement, aviation, and shipping.

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Foresight Reports

In-depth reports on topics with major future significance, offering insights into emerging trends. These reports cover a range of topics across social, economic, environmental and technological domains, e.g. Space Settlements, the Future of Money, and more.

Verified Contributors Platform

Where the world’s futurists and researchers join a carefully selected team to answer specific challenges. Our verified contributors are drawn from all fields, and reach beyond mainstream academia or top-tier universities. Their diverse backgrounds and multiple disciplines combine ideas and knowledge in new ways, sparking fresh insight.

As a successful applicant, you will receive research assignments from government partners, which you will then bid to produce. Our rates are transparent, and tiered according to expertise

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     Qualitative & quantitative research

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    Factual analysis to guide policy-making

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    Drawing on multi-disciplinary expertise beyond academia

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     A Verified Contributors Platform gathers global talent

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