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Shaping theFUTURE

We reimagine, inspire and design Dubai’s future in collaboration with our public and private sector partners. Our aim is to make Dubai one of the world’s foremost future cities.

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Future Opportunities Report: The Global 50

Over the past 50 years, humanity has witnessed exponential developments that have resulted in the sort of change that previously took 500 years to achieve. With these accelerated changes, challenges arise and so does opportunities. Therefore, it is in our hands to collaborate as a “global community” to create an inclusive future for all.

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Solving tomorrow’s challenges together

An initiative by Dubai Future Foundation that creates impact through the power of global collaborations open for everyone worldwide with grand prizes up to USD 10 million.

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Future Design & Acceleration

Through our programmes and innovative ecosystem, we transform challenges into opportunities and facilitate collaborations between the government, private sector partners, start-ups and individuals. We encourage the testing of new ideas, and the trialling of breakthrough technologies, by providing agile regulations and services that enable innovation to thrive.

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Positioning Dubai as the leading city of the future

The Dubai Future Foundation continues to work to achieve its vision and goals with a focus on five Strategic Business Units.

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Our programmes connect corporate and government entities with leading startups, ideators, researchers, entrepreneurs and students of all ages – to solve challenges, create solutions, and co-create a better tomorrow.

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Dubai Future Foundation launches initiatives under five strategic areas of focus that collectively help move Dubai towards becoming a leading city of the future.

  1. Future,
    Foresight &

    High-level strategic initiatives that make space for bold, exponential change while ensuring that regulatory and financial ecosystems evolve to fit.

    Foresight &
  2. Content &

    Initiatives that curate and disseminate cutting-edge scientific research, technology advances
    and social commentary from renowned authors and speakers.

    Content &
  3. Capacity

    Envisioning the future is only the first step. The second is to build the skills and capacities to fulfil this vision, and prepare a new generation for Industry 4.0.

  4. Future
    Design &

    The Foundation takes ideas and turns them into opportunities. It transforms challenges into case studies, and concepts into reality.

    Design &
  5. Future

    We experience and demonstrate the future in immersive ways, showcasing what is possible and choosing the most beneficial outcomes for humanity.


Where unique stories converge

At the Dubai Future Foundation, all our people bring with them their own unique stories – of success, perseverance and creativity. Our people are drawn from multiple disciplines, and from all over the world. With them, they bring the individuality of their stories and the distinctiveness of their perspectives — which all come together to create an impact.


Learn about our history and our leadership

The Foundation thrives under the guidance of leadership that champions its cause of future-readiness, supports employees in going the extra mile, and creates an ecosystem that encourages taking risks and bringing innovative ideas to life.